Our volunteers work closely with our staff on the various projects with generally one or two staff members providing direction and oversight to each volunteer. Primarily, our volunteers work with our technical personnel.

Lionfish awareness program: The Lionfish Management Plan for the whole Bay Islands was received this year, we have a lot of work to do with the dive centers, since they are our biggest aid in lionfish control. Currently we are carrying out interviews to the different dive centers to determine their interest in providing course to tourists and what processes are already in use. Based on this information a standardized program and regulations will be established and provided to interested dive centers. Volunteers can help in the many stages of this process.

Sea turtle program: for five months of the year (Jun-Oct) Volunteers help monitor on site nesting activity in different areas (night camps and daily visits). The organization works year around to increase participatory monitoring-Turtlewatch, volunteers are encourage to join in the workshops and to promote the participatory monitoring among dive centers.

Environmental education: this program includes topics such as coral reefs, marine protected areas, sea turtles, lionfish workshops in schools and community groups. Volunteers can help by giving and preparing presentation for schools, visitors and community groups.


Beach cleaning: Participate in cleaning beaches with members of various local organization and community members especially the youth from different schools and colleges, giving a major contribution to maintain the fragile stability of ecosystems seriously threatened island. This contribution is incalculabre importance since plyas in the area are nesting area of sea turtles in danger of extinction.




Recycling: Our volunteers coordinate activities to be done with the children of the community; they also help in activities such as cutting, sanding, and decorating glasses.

Rehabilitacion casa de voluntarios



Visitor Center: Volunteers help with the visitor’s center maintenance, decorating and gardening, provide information to visitors, merchandising for conservation purposes.

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